Castleford club 60s and early 70s

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Castleford club 60s and early 70s

Post  johnhall on Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:01 am

Hi everyone (especially the oldies),

Just found this site - really great to see that Phil has not been forgotten. Reading the different posts on the forum, it brings back so many of my own personal memories of Phil and the workouts we had at the time in Castleford. By the way, I'll look through my old photos of Phil and try and put some on line in the not too distant future, if it helps to ring a few bells.

As Mel Thornton said in one post I read, I left England in 1970, to teach in France, so haven't been active on the English scene since then. Even so, for starters I'll share one superb memory of a conversation I had with Phil at that period. One day when three of us from from Castleford went to see Phil in Dinnington, he told us about a recent visit of his to a chippie. He'd been getting some aggro from 3 young yobs - strangers obviously, or they would never have tried it on with him! When they all 3 attacked him at once he just used ushirogeri to sort them out. "Couldn't use Uraken," he said, " would have dropped all the chips !" Bless you Phil.

Will try to rack my brains for some other memories of Phil, but if anybody from that dim and distant past (apart from Daniel Blanchet, Josh and Mel, who are already in touch with me) wants to go down memory lane, I'd be happy to oblige.



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Milners Marauders.

Post  josh johnson on Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:46 am

Hello John,
Nice to see you have joined the Forum, If you do have any old pic's of O-Sensei Milner then please post them to jog everyone's memories.
I sent e-mails to your last address but they bounced back, check out the I.B.A. for further information
Kind Regards
josh johnson
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