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Castleford Course / Background

Post  gazhutch on Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:10 am

Castleford Course
I would like to say thanks for the great course yesterday, it is really nice to get together, Its a shame I was not up to proper training but a few more months and I will be back at full fitness.
My students enjoyed it.
I look forward to the next one and to calling to train at Wakefield as soon as I am fit again.
I have attached a few photos of the course Bo Kata.

Although I only got chance to train a few times with Phil Milner Sensei, I have had the great pleasure of been under the watchful eye of Josh Sensei, Christine sensei and the late Eric Sensei through out my training in the martial arts at Wakefield.
I have trained with Al sensei for a lot of years and look forward to many more in the future, with them and with all in the IBA.
Been at these courses, with Josh Sensei Standing at the front as the Head makes me feel very proud of my Martial Arts Background.

I have added the last ever class we had at queen street, I think Josh and Christine were up at the new dojo, when this was taken getting the last minuite things sorted.

I have added a photo of me and my son Josh at the FEKO championships this summer.
I was proud of him, and i hope to carry on giving him the upbringing in the martial arts with the same background that i have had the pleasure of having.

Best Wishes to all
Gaz Hutch
Mirfield Wado Ryu



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Post  Ninj on Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:47 am

Hi Garrie

Great post and fantastic pictures! A really good one of you and your son. You must be very, very proud!

It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves which goes without saying when Josh is in charge. I hope the operation heals up ok and you can get back in action!

It's great to go on courses now and see that the 'ego's' have withered away and the bullies have been 'weeded' out. There's no place for them in the Martial Arts and no place for them in life.

The biggest thing I have learned from O' Sensei Milner, O' Sensei Bestwick and Josh is respect. Without that we have nothing.

I look forward to seeing you on the next course!

Yours in Budo


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