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Post  BLANCHET Daniel HANSHI on Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:34 am

Dear BUDOKA, dear IBA'marauders (Phil's word)
Before all thing, a forum is not a boxing ring... or then one doesn't speak more of BUDO with its values of respect and honor... It is the first time (non forgive me, the second time) that I express myself on this kind of media and I say that nobody
must forget the basic elementary politeness even though it is for some people something unknown... if I speak of someone it 's meaning that I know it very well and I forbid myself positively to judge it, but I can give my respectful oppinion even though this one is here different... wecall it the freedom of speech!
For me I coasted Phil MILNER SENSEI during 30 years and it was the most beautiful adventure of my life of BUDOKA... on his last received letter in May 2000 he had signed Phil "DAD.".. and SOKE Daniel BLANCHET marked on the envelope.
It is true in June 1999 he awarded me in front of the whole united IBA my 10th Dan JUDAN KAIDEN with the title of HANSHI and MEIJIN.... as well as his red belt AKA OBI and his old KEIKOGI where were embroidered all his records of the world... but for me a rank deserves itself on the tatami... what I tried to make today through the world. I didn't want "to appear" ever but merely "to be"... and for me honors don't interest me at all. Phil MILNER O SENSEI has me learned wisdom and he gave me everything... and I always promised him to encourage the peace to the war...
I respect all those that are in the IBA today and that work to its fame and its picture of mark and that want to keep "PHIL'S" living memory... but I would not permit anybody to carry hasty and erroneous judgments on nobody. I remember his last paternal words for me in June 2000 in Nottingham... and it is my most beautiful personal memory. I never have asked anything in my life and it is not today that I will begin... I say merely good luck and long life to the IBA and thank you to all those that have this desire to construct together.
My first intervention on forum (hey yes today it is the second) date of one year when I answered as the blade of a Katana to a pseudo stupid BUDOKA that ridiculed MILNER SENSEI on his forum... ... the following day all his forum had disappeared as by magic... very fortunately... for him... and I even received some apologies.
Don't forget the respect and the politeness... these are the bases of the BUDO

European Director ISHIHAN IBA


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