The Circle of Pain

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The Circle of Pain

Post  Ninj on Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:50 am

Dear all

I bet many of you can remember Phil's Circle of Pain. You know the one, you would all gather into a circle and pass around Phil's chosen technique or 'slap'.

Those who had never done it before would eagerly rush to be at Phil's side, the LADST place you would ever want to be. You would then strike Uraken to the person on your right, the technique would go around the circle a few times before going left, the other way round so you could exact your revenge.

The circle would usually mean that you removed the top of you Gi and hand slaps to front and rear at the same time would result in instant tans to your upper half and hand prints that would remain for the next few days. I remember one occasion when the Urakens were flying and the chap next to Phil began with his hands by his side (as Phil requested) but gradually his hands came up so that he practically had his face covered. Even that didn't help, the Uraken found it's target!

Then, when the direction changed Phil would casually catch the Uraken mid-air, slap the back of the bloke's hand and give him his hand back. Not once did any Uraken reach it's target.

The stuff Phil had us all do eh?

Here's another pic of Phil gently applying a choke....

Regards to you all...

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Re: The Circle of Pain

Post  kiddo on Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:33 am

Strange how you never felt Phils slap on the back as it happened, then 5 seconds after, aaaggghhh, agony,ken


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