Photo of my first training with O-Sensei Millner

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Photo of my first training with O-Sensei Millner

Post  gazhutch on Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:58 pm

Hi everyone
I recently left a message on the site about my first training session with O-Sensei Millner.
I could not attach a Photo with my massive computer knowledge. so i will try again with the help of Ninj (thank you) and my daughter Kayleigh to follow the instructions.
Below is the group photo taken by Josh Sensei at wakefield Karate College in May 1998
It was a few years ago now but I remember it well.
From what I saw, O-Sensei Milner always showed respect to all Karate-ka no matter what grade they were and that sort of thing sticks with you in your memories.

That is me stood at the side of O-Sensei (not the girl) a few of you may of met me on some of the IBA courses I have attended.

Richard my old partner is far left middle row as you look at it. 100% nut case when it came to training, we had some great times, We partnered and graded together up to 2nd Dan. Good times.

Steve another partner is front row far left as you look at it. We worked together on a contract in liverpool for a few years, so we trained together over there, we mainly did Ju-Jitsu in Liverpool. Steve had no sense of pain so when I put locks on I would have to stop myself or I would dislocate his arm. (bit like training with Richard really)

Oh Happy days.

Back row far right as you look, my old Sensei the Late Eric Lewis.
Sadly Eric passed away Nov 2004.
I was very lucky as Eric Sensei took me under his wing, giving me one to one training from 4th Kyu to 3rd Dan. We also became very close friends outside the Dojo.
I miss him dearly.


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Welcome aboard Gaz!

Post  Ninj on Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:21 am

Great picture! To think how many times Phil has been photographed in a line-up. I think I've had the pleasure of training with you on the many courses I attended with Phil.

You're spot on with what you say about his respect for all Karateka. Even if you didn't have the ability, as long as you had the spirit and made the effort to succeed, he could see that. He was such a great man and as you rightly say, he is dearly missed.

Yours in Budo


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