cockroachs in your midst.

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cockroachs in your midst.

Post  CAGE FIGHTER on Sun Nov 16, 2008 6:21 am

Ha, Ha, you’ve got a shit stirrer in your midst Sensei Ninja, - now I have no axe to grind as I don’t belong to any Karate association anymore but I can see that Mr. Zemljic from Slovakia (Wherever the hell that is) is certainly trying to drive a wedge through the I.B.A.
Whoever he is I hope that he is not a member as his etiquette and disrespect is zero, if this Blanchet is his Teacher it speaks volumes.
There’s more courtesy in the “cage” than is shown from these so called Karate practitioners.
I have studied every page and posting on your forum site and there seemed to be no problems until this cretin joined, likewise I spent hours going through the I.B.A. web site as it brought back lots of memories for me, I knew Phil Milner and I know who he wanted and trusted to succeed him in running his association, “The Hierarchy chart is spot on” and for this Moron to suggest changes defies belief. I’m no mathematician but on studying the members list it is obvious who is putting the effort into keeping your association alive, just count up the members Blanchet has registered and then count up the registered members of Vignau, no contest as to who should be in charge of mainland Europe.
Good Luck in trying to sort out the little weasel.


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