1st Training with Phil Milner

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1st Training with Phil Milner

Post  gazhutch on Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:08 am

Hi Everybody
My name is Garrie, I run the Mirfield Wado Ryu club, through the ATKA / IBA under Josh Johnson (Hanshi)
I remember the first time I met O-Sensei Phil Milner.
He came to the Wakefield Dojo for a Ju-Jitsu Course and Grading.

We had all heard a lot about him from Josh and Eric, and were set to expect the worst.

The day started with the usual long hard warm up by Sensei Christine.
Then we all lined up to Bow and greet O-Sensei Milner, which was rewarded with a long screech back.
We all had a great day.
We did some Locks and Holds We did things like how to stop, a Full Nelson, and Maka-Gote been applied.
We did some Shimi Waza’s that he seemed to enjoy applying.

We then did a few more exercises and break falls.

He made us push each other across the Dojo with our heads, great neck training, but my partner Richard, was as stubborn as me and we both ended up with our heads rubbed, raw and bleeding.

Back to training and we went through some Atemi Points and applications.
We thought this would last for the rest of the session but how wrong we were.

Back to more exercises to finish.

I remember laying on the floor with shoulders and feet of the floor for what seemed to be a life time, Very proud of myself that I thought I was doing well, O-Sensie Milner was walking round, he asked me if I was ready to give up, I replied ‘No’ so he shouted at me and told me to get my shoulders and feet higher then.

I got a few more chances to meet and train with him on courses after that.
I noticed he always bowed back and showing respect he seemed to remember students as well even after only meeting them for a few times, or he gave that impression.

I wish I could have had the chance to meet and train with him a lot more.

Yours in Bushido



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Post  josh johnson on Thu Nov 06, 2008 3:39 pm

Dear Garrie,
Are you having trouble downloading a picture on to the forum site as a "url" appeared at the bottom of your text but no photo.
If you require any assistance then contact Dave/Ninj and he will talk you through the process.
Best Regards
josh johnson

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