The Phil Milner 'Handshake'

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The Phil Milner 'Handshake'

Post  Ninj on Thu Aug 07, 2008 7:09 am


Did anyone get to do the 'Phil Milner Handshake'?

The first time I encountered this was after a course at 'Physique' over in Rotherham. It had been the usual tortuous three hours or so and we had all just got changed. As I was saying my goodbyes, Phil asked (and I think this is what he called it) if I'd seen the 'IBA Handshake'?

Of course, you never quite knew with Phil whether saying 'Yes' was going to be bad, or saying 'No' was going to be bad. On this occasion I opted for the truth (always best with Phil) and said 'No'. This is gonna hurt I thought to myself...

Phil proceeded to clasp hands in the usual manner, after a hearty shake, he then released all his finger except his thumb and told me to do the same. At this point I'm REALLY nervous, tensing my stomach.

All he did then was (after I copied his actions) was to 'flap' his fingers, while still holding onto my thumb, upwards in the motion of a bird flying. Of course I did the same. Phil let go and I just stood there in a pool of sweat.

That was it!!! A simple handshake! I think he knew what people would think and he toddled off chuckling to himself...

Bless him!



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