St. Mary's School Rooms Dojo: Wakefield

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St. Mary's School Rooms Dojo: Wakefield

Post  Ninj on Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:54 am

Memory Lane
Sensei Edgar Auckland Hatchidan Hanshi

The Photograph Illustrates Sensei Dave Lowe delivering a blow to the head with uraken to Sensei Edgar Auckland outside the dojo at St Mary’s School Rooms, Wakefield 1968. The dojo became famous for producing excellent karate students; some of them opened their own dojos around the country, under the leadership of Professor Phil Milner International Budo Association. Professor Josh Johnson also started his karate career here in 1967.

Before the IBA was formed many Japanese instructors visited the dojo frequently was Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki 7th Dan!
Sensei Masafumi Shiomitsu 4th Dan who was the 1963 All Japan University Champion!
Sensei Hisaomi Fujii 5th Dan who was the 1960 All Japan Champion.

Photo and story courtesy of Hanshi Edgar Auckland and Hanshi Josh Johnson

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