Kan-Geiko 1971

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Kan-Geiko 1971

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Sensei Edgar Auckland

You are defined by the choice you make.

Winter Training-KAN-GEIKO 1971

The toughest course to sort out the weak was a KAN-GEIKO "Winter Training". The day course took place on the 27th February 1971 on the Derbyshire Pennines. I can assure anyone reading this the course was not for the curious or fainthearted. Nonetheless Students came from around the country to attend this endurance course that was organised by Professor Phil Milner Sensei.

Phil Sensei made all students aware this type of harsh cold weather training was potentially dangerous. The purpose of traditional KAN-GEIKO is to strengthen the spirit and prepares the body and mind to face adversity with courage.

He went on to say traditional KAN-GEIKO may also include meditation under an icy waterfall (Taki-gyo) or practice directly under melting snow. It as been said this type of training is to provide the practitioner with certain "moral powers". The practice was common among the Yamabushi mountain warriors and the Ninja patient person these warriors would spend a week or so training in this harsh environment.

Course Detail by Philís Sensei.

Philís Sensei letter to all students, we will meet at the YMCA Sheffield by 10.am and the course will start at 10.30am until 5pm. Transport will be needed as the Yorkshire Moors are the venue for the course.

Important all students will bring a knapsack with one house brick (heavy) inside and this will be kept on for the duration of the course. (All students must comply with this request including Black Belts).

KAN-GEIKO means to harden the body both physically and mentally and this course is not for the curious and any Black Belt who sends his students but donít come themselves will loose 1 years seniority.

The course will run regardless of weather conditions the worse the better and if you have a black suit bring it as you can be spotted better if you get bogged down anywhere in the snow. He went on to say best bring soups for lunch as these are more vitalising, also quick as we can only spare 20 minutes to consume.

Students must complete the course in order to obtain the KAN-GEIKO Certificate.

Running, exercising, fighting will be the main aspect of the course.

Philís Sensei final statement was mind blowing. He said all students please note that the Oriental Arts Society will not be responsible for any deaths, injuries or missing people. You come at your own risk and take the consequences. (With this tough correspondence, the course was well attended).

Course fee 50 pence.

Plimsollís may be needed so bring them.

Thank you for your support.

P Milner Secretary O.A.S.


Despite the fact that I have recited the details of the story Iíve looked at my KAN-GEIKO certificate and I must have really been keen to do the course, or at the time had a slate loose in my head. On the other hand Phil Sensei did attract many students and today the world should know that Phil Sensei was a phenomenon. He did a great deal for martial arts and for charities but never put any of his students in a situation that would cause one to give this icon bad press.

Professor Sensei Edgar Auckland (Hanshi). MBEng. MICM.

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