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I.B.A. France.

Post  josh johnson on Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:25 pm

To Josh Johnson (Hanshi).
Good afternoon Sir
I write to you for Mr Vignau Jean-Pierre, he wants you to know some
new events IBA France organizes.
First, a special training will take place at Dojo Fair Play Sport
(Paris) on March 12th and 13th - with Sensei Joel Baudet and Sensei
Secondly, IBA France will organize a competition which would be open
to all european "IBA countries". Both children and adults can compete.
This event will be on April 7th and 8th (at Creutzwald - Moselle -
Third, information is Mr Vignau's yearly "Summer Training" at Agde
(South France); this training is open for everybody (for more
information, write us).
It's a week long training - first week : from July 25th to 19th /
Second week : from August 1st to 5th.
I'm sorry for my poor english...
I hope everything is clear for you.
Mr Vignau's asked me to informe you of the IBA's and to give you his
best regards.
We hope to see you soon in our Dojo.
Have a good evening Sir.
josh johnson

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