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Seeking Jimmy

Post  cathyOz on Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:44 pm

Hello everyone
I am Cathy from Brisbane, Australia and am looking for anyone who knows and remembers Jimmy Kovach/Hovarth. Jimmy is of Hungarian descent and lived at 8 Grace Way, Stevenage, Herts. Jimmy passed on between July 1997 and Jan 2001. Jimmy was awarded his 1st Dan in Aikijutsu by Grandmaster Phil Milner on 31 March 1996 in Nottingham. His Sensei at that time was Steve Brown Sensei. Jimmy started training with Sensei Brown from 1993.

We had no idea that Jimmy was so seriously ill. I have tried Stevenage Borough Council but without a correct name got no where. Cemetery records revealed no burials from that address. Jimmy was born in 1954.

My husband is in Baldock, Herts visiting family and would like to pay his respects to his good old mate Jimmy before he leaves for Australia next week. My husband and Jimmy have been mates since 1974. I remember Jimmy saying that Hungarian names were difficult to spell and pronounce, so hence never gave us his real name.

Does anyone know/remember Jimmy, Jimmy's real name, where Jimmy's last resting place is? And how he was coping the last few years before he passed on.

Jimmy in his one and only letter (he also sent us 4 photos) told us that he enjoyed doing Aikijutsu and left infomation for us re: the above info for us to look for him 22 years later. We immigrated to Australia in 1988.

Thanking you in anticipation.... Cathy

P.s. These are the links to the photos. Orange arrow points to Jimmy


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