Willowgarth School, Japanese Week

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Willowgarth School, Japanese Week

Post  Ninj on Thu Nov 25, 2010 6:55 am

Willowgarth High School Japanese Week, May, 1972

The Morning Telegraph reported Tuesday, May 16th 1972 that Phil finds record smashing a breeze. The photograph illustrates Trevor Lynn smashing breezeblock with a 7lb hammer over the stomach of the late Professor Phil Milner 10th Dan Karate.

The report went onto say. Karate expert Phil Milner, who is to use his head to demolish a house, yesterday claimed he had smashed a world record with his stomach.
A member of his team used a seven-pound hammer to smash 50 breezeblocks on his stomach in 40 seconds, beating the record by 1 minute 20 seconds.
The Dinnington karate expert was the smash hit of a Japanese week. Which is being held at Willowgarth High School, Grimethorpe, near Barnsley?

Phil aged 38, who is the secretary of the 17,000 strong International Budo Association said afterwards: “It’s was quite easy really. The organisers got two-inch thick breezeblocks - I would have preferred thicker ones”.

Miss Susuko Sakamoto, a representative from the Japanese Embassy, opened the week event, which was organised to bring a touch of the Orient to the mining village.

Phil and his team are to demolish a house next month using their hands, heads and feet, to raise money for charities.

Prof: Edgar Auckland 8th Dan Hanshi.

Words and picture courtesy of Edgar Auckland (Hanshi) and Josh Johnson (Hanshi)


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