Journey to Okinawa

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Journey to Okinawa

Post  Ninj on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:22 am

Memory Lane
Sensei Emeritus Professor Edgar Auckland 8th Dan Hanshi

Steve Eades Travelled to Okinawa

I remember taking a class and rewarding Steve Eades Brown Bell 3thd Kyu in the early seventies. Steve was so inspired with this achievement that he decided to travel to Okinawa several times to study with a Grand Master.

Steve graduated to the grade of Sandan, Third Dan Black Belt from Master Shoshin Nagamine. The Master taught him Matsubayashi Ryu Karate Do. When Steve returned home he was the only one with a teaching certificate for this style in England.

However Steve retired from the art and has studied for a BA Honours Degree in computer science at Huddersfield University and passed with a first class honour in the summer of 2004. He completed a 36 week teaching course and is now a teacher.

Above photograph shows Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine, 10th Dan, founder of the Matsubayashi-Ryu style of Shorin-Ryu, with Steve Eades. Sadly the Grand master passed away November 2, 1997.

Information from the Biography of the Original Cudworth School of Martial Arts.

Story courtesy of Hanshi Edgar Auckland and Hanshi Josh Johnson

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