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Forty Years ago...

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Forty Years in the past
Memory Lane
By Sensei Professor Edgar Auckland Hanshi.

Report by the Barnsley Chronicle front page July 18, 1970, Karate ace gets coveted Black Belt. Left photograph illustrates Sensei Edgar Auckland defence against a knife attack. Dave Popplewell is holding the knife. To the right illustrates Sensei Auckland demonstrating a legendary devastating fling right Jodan Maegeri.

Chronicle reported Karate expert 21-years–old lost half a stone recently gaining his Black Belt. But the lost weight doesn’t worry Edgar of Birkwood Avenue Cudworth.

“The Black Belt is the equivalent of the cap and gown for piano playing”. Now I’m going to learn the sport mentally. Edgar is a member of the International Budo Sheffield, at whose centre he took the strength-sapping exam. We had to take the exam over eight hours. In all I did about 3.000 moves. “I’ve been practising karate for about three years training five nights a week. “It’s an up-and-coming sport, and it’s different from football and cricket. You use all the muscles in your body”.

He takes karate classes at the Modern School Youth Club on two nights a week, Tuesday and Thursdays. “I was a member of Willowgarth Youth Club’s section, at Grimethorpe, but last November I decided to form one here”, he added “I approached the leader Mrs Hancock’s and got the go ahead. “We get quite a number down here but we’d certainly like a few more members.”
Information from the Biography of the Original Cudworth School of Martial Arts.
Edgar Auckland Sensei Emeritus Professor 8th Dan Karatedo Hanshi. MBEng. MICM.

Words an pictures courtesy of Hanshi Edgar Auckland and Hanshi Josh Johnson.

Budo regards to you all


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