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Post  gazhutch on Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:31 am

Hi All
It would be Sensei Eric's birthday this week and i thought i would share my little poim with you.
Our thoughts are with his family.

6 years have passed by and it still seems so soon
Memories stay as if youíre still in the room
When times are hard and we all need a push
Your memory jumps up to give us a rush

We donít need to show that we are thinking of you
Your memories stay that will always be true
A simple word hear, a pointer there
This is what helped build our character and flair.

Time between thoughts seems longer each day
Guilt comes toward me for forgetting to pray
As if we have a right to be hear on this earth
We should give thanks for it all for what its worth.

The wagons get bigger and carry more weight
What does it matter if we donít make the grade
They go even faster, but still we are late
We struggle to meet the deadlines they make

Iím thankful to you for the man you helped mould
You made things sound simple, in all parts of life
The good and the bad, and thereís a few I am told
Steadfast and true to these values ill hold.

Gaz Hutch


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Wonderful words

Post  Ninj on Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:21 pm

Hi Gaz

What a wonderful poem, very heartfelt. We meet many a great person in the martial arts and it is the respect that people give in a humble way that makes it all so special.

I lost my Sensei two years ago and miss him terribly, I'm just SO glad we have Sebsei Josh at our helm now. He oozes calm and dignity, the one thing I have loved about being a son of the IBA is not what I've learnt, it's who I've met.

I have Dave and Shaun at Hi Ryu Kan and I would walk over broken glass for them both, I adore my students who could easily be tempted by more 'trendy' clubs but they keep the tradition alive.

I love all my IBA friends and always will. Keep that precious memory dear Gaz and keep the good work going as I know you do.

Bless you all, we are all Phil's sons and we all honour his memory. I too missmy beloved friend Arnie and wish he could be here today, he was my teacher first but became my friend for life, I miss him so much. I just hope that I'm keeping his club up to the same standards he set so well.

God bless Arnie rest easy old friend.

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