Keep the IBA growing in 2010...

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Keep the IBA growing in 2010...

Post  AF on Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:28 pm

Happy New Year everyone!

I have just updated the IBA member records as of the end of 2009 and was disappointed that I had to take off more lapsed dan grades than adding new ones....

We would hope that the spirit and memory of O' Sensei Milner would encourage many to retain and help to grow the association he founded and strived for so long to develop into a close knit "family".

Some of the lapsed dan members are part of clubs of members of this forum - though, I am pleased to say, none of the forum members!

It should be in the back of the mind of all of us to encourage, if not new membership, at least retention of existing memberships. Josh Sensei does send reminders to members in the month preceding expiry of membership but it is our policy not to chase those who don't renew. So, if like me you have the memory of a goldfish and you're not sure if your membership has indeed expired, check out the IBA website ( and see if your name is still on the members page!!

Membership fees are still the CHEAPEST of any association in current existence and the benefits are tremendous.

On a footnote, we have set the dates for the IBA courses (UK) for 2010 and will be posting details shortly - look forward to seeing you all at them!

Kind regards to all,



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