Grandfather's footsteps

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Grandfather's footsteps

Post  Ninj on Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:25 am

Dear all

Just to pass on my congratulations to all my students who passed their grading on Friday night. they all showed true grit and determination, they gave it their all (apart from tiny slip-ups here an there)

I was very proud of them all, as was Dave (Fletcher) and Shaun (Wagstaff).

Amongst the students was of course Liam, who had brought his dad along to see him grade. He must have been very proud.

He truly shone as he executed his techniques and Kata with precision and great spirit. O' Sensei would be immensely proud to see his grandson performing so well in the Dojo.

As I sat down to begin the grading, I turned to Fletch and said "Why the bloody hell am I nervous? They're grading, not me!!"

I guess the whole issue of all those years stood in front of the grading desk as Phil sat down, nodded to Arnie and then looked at you as you stood trembling have taken their toll. The butterflies, I guess, will never go away...

Liam double graded and is now 7th Kyu, long may his journey continue...

Well done again everyone!

Yours in Budo

Dave Smile

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