Ushir Geri Memories

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Ushir Geri Memories

Post  Ninj on Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:45 am

More memories courtesy of our president Josh and Edgar Auckland

Memory Lane
Sensei Edgar Auckland

Electrifying International Championship.

In 1974 Professor Phil Milner organised a four cornered International karate championship event that took placed at the Sheffield City Hall. I remember the hall was packed to capacity and the atmosphere was electrifying. There must have been every karate student in the United Kingdom there on the night. This championship becomes a real testimony of Philís ability to deliver what we all wanted to do? Get stuck in and deliver the skills and bring into being what Phil taught us all! Phil was the superstar!

The contest featured teams and individuals from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The England Team memberís were Tony Manterfield, Gerald Cook and Edgar Auckland as Team Captain all from Cudworth dojo, as well Eddy Wolverson Scunthorpe dojo and Keith Ruffells Gainsborough dojo. This was a night to remember the team took first place with the roof of the City Hall almost lifting off by the excitement of the spectators. I have never experience anything like it before or since.

Tony Manterfield secured second place in the individuals to Alfred Pitkin. On the other hand in my opinion and others on the night thought Tony should have won the individuals. But! Who should argue this point with two Japanese 5th Dan Black Belts refereeing that evening, Senseiís Meiji Suzuki and Toru Takamizawa?

It was the last time I competed along side Tony and Gerald. I decided to spend more of my time teaching the essence of karate. Tony and Gerald both held the titles of All England Open Champion within the IBA. Tony diversified his skills and become all of England Kickboxing Champion in the early eighties.

Photograph illustrates Tony Manterfield delivering a Chudan Ushiro-Geri to Ken Waddingtonís abdomen. The technique completely lifts Kenís body of the ground.
Both students were physically fit and enjoyed training hard with Professor Phil Milner who was well-known with the Ushiro-Geri.

Sensei Edgar Auckland (Hanshi).


PS On a personal note (as my fellow Black Belts at Hi Ryu Kan will verify, for some unknown reason, quite beyond me, I'll never be able to do Ushiro Geri while I have a hole in my a**e Smile

Yours In Budo

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